I’m Matt Laquidara. I write software and ride transit. I’ve also spent the last seven years working on tools to evaluate transit networks on the basis of access: the ability of people to reach whatever destinations that they desire, wherever they’re starting, and whenever they want to be there. I use this blog to occasionally share my thoughts on transit from these perspectives.

In the past, I operated a consultancy called Public Transit Analytics. My greatest, and perhaps only, accomplishment from those days was publishing a paper in the Transportation Research Record that was selected best paper by the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Committee and won the Fred Burggraf Award for excellence in research by a researcher under the age of 35. I’ve also occasionally written Seattle-specific transit content for Seattle Transit Blog.

I am currently on a hiatus from the software industry to focus on conducting transit access research. If you have thoughts on these posts, please send an email! I’d be particularly interested in discussing potential applications of it if you represent a transit agency, municipality, or advocacy group.