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Public Transit Analytics is a sole proprietorship operated by Matthew Laquidara.

By training and trade I am a computer scientist and software developer. I received bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I published work on the difficulties of providing consistent measures of computer performance. Afterwards, I worked in various software development roles at and Amazon Web Services, working with systems ranging from box-building machines to user-configurable network firewalls. In these roles I learned that making the right measurements, and properly communicating these measurements, is the key to making the right decisions, whether in the context of a warehouse or a web service.

My passion for transit planning originates from extensive time spent riding public transit in Boston and Seattle. I began following the processes that multiple Pacific Northwest-area agencies used when opening a light rail extension and restructuring bus service to better serve that extension. In observing that process, I found it difficult to understand how transit agencies reacted to feedback from public outreach, as the process seemed driven more by perception than data. I began writing software as a personal project to make objective measurements of transit restructures. After conversations with transit planners and a review of academic planning literature, I came to understand that the measurement made by the software filled a unique niche in transit network modeling techniques. Now known as Spontaneous Accessibility, it measures the ability of transit customers to make unexpected trips. It does so at a level of precision where the network-wide impact of even small changes can be seen, and of performance that allows many alternatives to be considered quickly. Because Spontaneous Accessibility is a visual measurement, it allows precise, data-driven communication with network stakeholders and the general public.

I would love to hear about the transit problems that you are hoping to solve.

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